Sunday, July 20, 2008

About Our Collaboration

3-D Photo by Gerald Marks

This is a close collaborative process among the three of us, each having an active interest in every aspect of the project and how each other's work defines and enriches our own professional perspectives. Our collaboration stems from combining our interests in understanding and interpreting nature, causality, evolutionary change, structural integrity, assigning value to experience, and examining cultural behaviors; each contributing from the models and points of view of our respective fields.

Angel Ayón's work as an architect and preservationist focuses on the assessment and understanding of remaining physical evidence as an evolving and degraded yet still valid manifest of the past and as a determinant of current cultural significance.

Issues of time, evolution and space are also intrinsic to Sarah White's work as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and practitioner of the Alexander Technique. Sarah's work assigns new meanings to the kinesthetic relationship between the human body as a whole, its individual parts and the spaces it inhabits during a measured time lapse. As a movement analyst, she looks at patterns and potentials in movement experience that are affected by both internal awareness and outside influence. One of her areas of focus as a “mover” is the notion that through conscious movement practices one can develop a new understanding of their structure and function, which in turn leads to a new kinesthetic experience of the above and a newly assigned value to this experience. Similarly to Angel, the movement practices that she works with are intended to preserve the value and integrity of the human structure, its freedom to move and quality of experience. They are also about recognizing cultural influence on individual movement habits and conscious involvement in personal change and evolution.

Gerald Mark's work as a visual artist documents nature's constant metamorphosis and captures -to the slightest detail- the three-dimensional structure of both organic and inorganic worlds. Many of his images reveal the inherent aesthetic values in bio-structures. His work also comes out of a love and reverence for nature and cycles of change.

3-D Photo by Gerald Marks

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